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Are you searching for a qualified Tree Surgeon, Rainham? One that has years of experience? And, offers a fair price? Garden Care has had a remarkable reputation since 1989. Contact us today for tree removal, including tree felling, dismantling and stump grinding, crown reduction and thinning.

Services by Our Tree Surgeons Rainham

If you’re looking for a quality service at a fair price, consider our tree surgeons Rainham.

Tree Removal by Felling

Felling involves using a chainsaw to make certain cuts near the base of the tree, then the use of wedges to help balance and tip the tree to the desired location to fall to the ground. As fully qualified arborists, we offer complete peace of mind that we use the safest felling technique to remove your tree or trees. As a result, we can remove it in the safest manner without risking damage to nearby property. However, if the tree is in a confined space or the risks of felling are too high, then we’ll recommend the use of dismantling.

Tree Removal by Dismantling

As mentioned, tree felling is not recommended in confined spaces or where the risks are too high. So, we resort to dismantling. This involves climbing your tree with a chainsaw and sawing branches off, piece by piece until it’s down to the ground. At this point, we can either leave the stump in the ground or grind it for complete tree removal.

Tree Removal by Stump Grinding

Whether we fell or dismantle your tree, we can either leave the stump in the ground for decoration purposes or grind it, so that you can lay a patio or grass. This process uses a special machine that effectively turns the stump into sawdust.

Crown Reduction

As tree surgeons, we don’t just remove trees, we help trees live their best life and present their beauty to all those who are lucky to admire them. For this, we use crown reduction techniques, which is essentially reducing the top canopy to allow more light into the inner parts of the tree. As you can imagine, this supports healthy growth. Sometimes crown reduction is not sufficient on its own to improve the tree’s health or appearance, so the use of crown thinning may be required.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves using a chainsaw to cut selected branches, which are often dead, weak or overlapping others. As a result, the inner parts of the crown can receive more light and there is space for the crown to grow healthily.

Tree Inspection, Surveys and Advice

If you find yourself in the position of being unsure what to do, feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help and advise in accordance with the latest official regulations.

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