Garden Maintenance in Medway

Looking for regular Garden Maintenance in Medway to keep your garden looking at it’s best?

Garden Care provides Garden Maintenance in Medway for customers who require our gardening services regularly. We give our customers who choose this service a place on a timetable. That becomes the time each week or fortnight we tend to their gardens depending on whether they are a weekly or fortnightly customer.

We try to adhere to these times, for customers and gardeners sake, but sometimes it is not possible if the weather is bad or for some other reason. Garden Care will find an alternative time to tend your garden and make up for the missed time in this event.

Garden maintenance services we offer…

Mow your grass

Strim your edges

Hoe your borders

Trim your shrubs

Trim your hedges

Control weeds

what sets us apart

Benefits with Garden Care

One of our main benefits is that all our staff are managed and have quality-control carried out on their gardens to ensure we achieve a high level of service. If you’re not completely happy with your service, you can speak to someone in the office to further investigate the issue.

Whatever you require in your garden in terms of Garden Maintenance in Medway, we will do. Our gardeners will cast their eyes on your whole garden and formulate a priority list. Their helpers will be given instructions and get on with their work. If customers are at home, gardeners frequently discuss which tasks they would like tackled first.

maintenance expectations

Our gardening pattern

On the whole, the gardening follows a similar pattern each visit. Garden Care trims your edges, mows your grass to a suitable length. We also spend time hoeing your borders, trimming your shrubs and hedges. Our gardeners apply chemicals if necessary and when the weather permits. If it is raining or forecasted to rain, we will avoid using some chemicals. This is because it will wash off and be a waste of time and chemicals.

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Overgrown garden, a broken lawnmower, endless rain and grass so long we needed to run away and hope for a miracle.

Garden Care was a phone call away and then the miracle happened.

We were rescued, revived and refreshed and now we are re-planning so that chaos cannot return. Reliable and friendly gardeners keep our garden spruce and tidy so that we can just enjoy it.”

Mrs F

Now that I am unable to tend my garden, it is getting a new lease of life in the capable and willing hands of the gardener at Garden Care. Many thanks!

Mrs Mattcocks

Defeated by a ground elder, beaten by a large conifer hedge we sought help. Sue and her Team impressed us from the start with their technical knowledge, skill and sheer hard work. Within three years they have worked their magic, and we are now enjoying a garden hitherto undreamed of. We find their suggestions and input not only helpful but lasting. This is a team of people who lovingly put Mother Nature in her place. THANK YOU.”

Olive Clark