Price List
Garden Maintenance

Regular Maintenance is charged at an hourly rate and is payable by standing order only.

A garden classed as a ‘one hour’ garden, will cost £50 a month x 12 monthly payments per year (PCM). This means the garden will have 18 visits a year every fortnight from the beginning of March until mid November. With 2 people working this will mean that the gardener and their helper will be in the garden for half an hour. They will each give the customer half an hour’s work.


1 Hour Regular Maintenance – One hour per fortnight – £ 50.00 PCM

1 and 1/2 Hours Regular Maintenance – One and a half hour’s per fortnight – £ 75.00 PCM

2 Hours Regular Maintenance – Two hour’s per fortnight – £ 100.00 PCM

2 and 1/2 Hours Regular Maintenance – Two and a half hours per fortnight – £125.00  PCM

3 Hours Regular Maintenance – Three hours per fortnight – £ 150.00 PCM

Garden Services

Garden services are one-off jobs that require no contracts and is charged at an hourly rate.  Any large hedges or tree work not included under this pricing.  If unsure, please call the office 01634 264212.  On average, we use one “One Tonne Sack” of waste per hour worked, however, if you have a large job it could require more. Time is divided by number of gardeners on site. 2 hours with 2 gardeners = 1 hour on site.

1 Hour One-Off Work – Hourly Gardening Rate – £ 40.00

1 Tonne Sack of Waste – Limited to garden waste – weight limited – must be moveable – £ 5.00

Chemicals – 2.5 L – Half a spray tub. – £ 5.00

Patio and Driveway Cleaning

1st Hour – £ 80.00

Extra Hour – £ 60.00

Tree Surgery

Get in touch with us for a free quote.


Get in touch with us for a free quote.


Get in touch with us for a free quote.