Lawn Mowing Sittingbourne

Lawn Mowing Sittingbourne

Welcome to Garden Care, the go-to service for Lawn Mowing Sittingbourne. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring your lawn is always looking its best. We understand that a well-manicured lawn not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property but also increases its value.

Lawn Mowing Sittingbourne is one of our most popular services, and for a good reason. We use well-maintained equipment to prevent damage to your lawn. Additionally, and techniques to ensure that your lawn is mowed to perfection. We take great pride in our work and strive to exceed your expectations every time.

This service is part of our Garden Maintenance Service, which covers Medway and Sittingbourne.


Lawn Mowing Sittingbourne Services







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Lawn Services in Detail

Lawn Mowing Sittingbourne: we will mow your lawn to the desired length, leaving it looking neat and tidy.

Lawn Edging Sittingbourne: we will edge around your lawn, creating a clean and defined boundary between your lawn and other areas of your property.

Lawn Trimming Sittingbourne: we will trim any overgrown areas around the edges of your lawn, ensuring that it looks neat and tidy.

Garden Clean-up: we will clean up any debris left behind after the job is done, leaving your lawn looking immaculate.

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Why Our Lawn Mowing Sittingbourne

At Garden Care, we understand that every lawn is different, which is why we offer customised lawn mowing services to suit your specific needs. We can work with you to determine the best mowing schedule based on the size and condition of your lawn, as well as your budget.

Our team of professionals are fully fully trained and insured, giving you peace of mind knowing that your lawn is in good hands. We also take great care to ensure that our equipment is properly maintained, reducing the risk of damage to your lawn or property.

At Garden Care, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Contact us today and take the first step towards a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of!

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Types of Lawns Seen in Sittingbourne, Kent

The type of lawn you will see in Sittingbourne, Kent, will depend on several factors, including the local climate, soil type, and the intended use of the lawn. Typically, we see the following types of lawns.

Fine Fescue Lawns

Fine fescue lawns are a popular choice in England, and especially in Sittingbourne, Kent, due to the region’s mild and often wet climate. Fine fescue grasses are fine-leaved, low-growing, and can tolerate shade, making them a great option for lawns with trees and other shade-producing plants. They also require less maintenance and watering than other grass types, making them a sustainable option for homeowners.

Ryegrass Lawns

Ryegrass lawns are another common type of lawn in Sittingbourne, Kent. These grasses have a finer texture than other types of lawn grasses and are ideal for areas with high foot traffic, such as sports fields and playgrounds. Ryegrass lawns can be mowed short, making them ideal for homeowners who prefer a well-manicured look.

Bentgrass Lawns

Bentgrass lawns are typically seen in golf courses and other sports fields due to their fine texture and tolerance for frequent mowing. Bentgrass is slow-growing and requires more maintenance than other grass types, making it a more expensive option for homeowners.

Meadow Lawns

Meadow lawns are becoming increasingly popular in Sittingbourne, Kent, and other areas of England. These lawns contain a mixture of grasses, wildflowers, and other plants, creating a natural, low-maintenance landscape. Meadow lawns can be great for attracting wildlife, such as bees and butterflies, and are a sustainable option for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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